As we are all aware, the construction and service industry is changing rapidly. Everyone needs to better control the costs associated with both new construction and renovation projects. As the cost of services and energy increases, along with the awareness that we need to better protect our natural resources, Keystone TAB Consulting, LLC is prepared to help control your costs and insure that you receive the best job possible by offering the following services:

Review your project to insure that it can be properly Tested, Adjusted and Balanced

We can review your project plans. After a review of your plans, we can then offer opinions as to whether we believe your project can be balanced “as is”, the possibility that items can be “value engineered” out of the project, providing cost savings, or the possibility that items may need to be added to make the systems truly functional.

Review the TAB sections of the project specifications

Insure that the standard “boilerplate” specifications that are normally part of a contract actually fit your project. If certain parts of the TAB specifications are not “right” for your project, we can let you know. If elected, the specifications can be revised, making the specifications more applicable to your project, possibly reducing the time and cost of the project.

Review pricing for work required

After a review of the project, we can provide a range of pricing that we believe the project should fall into. This can help to insure that the project is “Right Priced”. This can be accomplished by:

®   Working with you to develop a bid package for the Testing and Balancing of the project.

®   Working with you to negotiate buying out the Testing and Balancing of your project directly. Every time a project is assigned through a Construction Manager, Mechanical Contractor or a Sheet Metal Contractor, a mark-up by each of the contractors is included to compensate the contractors for the additional time required to handle the TAB subcontractor and all of the associated paperwork. Contracting with the TAB contractor directly can greatly reduce the costs associated with the project and allows the TAB contractor to report directly to you.

 Manage your Testing and Balancing project

Because you “can’t see air” or the water flow in piping, the actual testing and balancing process is still sometimes a mystery. We can work with you to:

®        Insure that your project is progressing per the time frame allotted.

®        Provide interim progress report on the actual progress of the project.

®        Help to resolve issues on the project as they manifest themselves.

Provide Third Party Review of your project

We are now seeing some government contracts for Testing and Balancing and Commissioning that require “Third Party Review” of the procedures to be used. We can provide such reviews to insure that the project stays on track from beginning to end.

Provide Commissioning for the HVAC portion of your project

We can provide commissioning or third-party management of the commissioning of your HVAC project. This service runs the gamut from insuring that a single VAV terminal unit is working as designed; that the fit-out of a new office space is as energy efficient as intended or that an entire sterile filling suite or new operation suite are working as they should.

Provide Project Management for small project

Due to our ongoing relationship with many different contractors, we can provide design and installation options for small projects. This service can include general construction, mechanical and sheet metal installations, BAS modifications, testing, adjusting & balancing and commissioning of the project.


Keystone TAB Consulting, LLC is certified by NEBB, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau and TABB, the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau.

 We have over forty years of experience in the HVAC trade. Thirty years have been devoted exclusively to the testing, balancing, adjusting and commissioning of environmental systems. We believe that we can bring a unique perspective to your project while helping to make each project function as designed with the added benefit of potential cost savings.

 Please feel free to contact me to discuss your next project.

Vincent Del Vacchio

Owner, Keystone TAB Consulting, LLC